4 Must-Have Car Accessories For Every Motorist

Surely, modern day cars have tons of gadgets and high tech accessories. Some come as standard, while for others you need to dig deeper into pockets. We are not listing EBD, ABS, ELA and EBA features, rather we have come up with a must-have car accessory list that doesn't rearrange alphabets to assert its authority and practicality, and yet most auto-makers somehow miss these in each of their iterations. You can add these items to your must have gadgets list.

Smartphone Mount/holder
Smartphones have become a bear necessity and though automakers are now including USB charging ports in-dash, almost none are offering a stylized smartphone mount. Yes, a smart-phone-mount, not a holder. These holders come with suction or sticky tape, and almost all can now universally fit any smartphone. Connect the phone to car’s stereo bluetooth and you have got a talking smart car with limitless potential. These make hands-free driving a breeze and are super helpful for navigation.

Front and Back Mounted Cameras
Though back view cameras have found their way into mainstream vehicles mainly because of the amazing safety benefits and convenience they offer while parking, but front mounted cameras are still a novelty. Nevertheless, the options are immense and they are a must have to keep track of your journeys and can come in handy for insurance claim if your run into an accident. 

Jumper kit
This one is a must have for outdoor enthusiasts and city dwellers alike. Cars and all their gadgetry rely on battery; too much use and you might find yourself with a weak battery or worse a stalled vehicle in middle of nowhere. You ought to get one of these just like you keep a spare tire in the boot. 

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Blind Spot Mirrors
This car accessory can rival the most advanced collision and lane assist systems and offers the most bang for the buck. Be sure to install one on the driving side, as they can be really helpful in twisty countryside roads of the UK.

Honourable Mentions
Another equally useful gizmo is the tire pressure monitor. You can go high tech and get one with embedded sensors that relay tire pressure to your smart device. On the other hand, the old fashioned pressure gauge does the same, but with a bit of hassle. Also, car seat gap fillers are a big deal nowadays and rightfully so. They do save your valuables from dropping beneath the seat.

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