Logitech G533 Headphone Review. Gaming Or Music??

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When it comes to computer accessories there are very few companies which can beat Logitech when it comes to delivering quality in their products.Logitech is known for delivering quality headphones, and though it faces stiff competition from the likes of giant Sony, there is no denying that Logitech has its own brand of loyal followers.

I want to make things clear here !!!! I am talking about headphones and not earphones. Sure when it comes to "Earphone" there are plenty of choices available to buy from but what I personally feel when you talk about headphones specifically designed for your computer or laptop, there are very few good options and for me, Logitech is the first choice among brands
The headphones we are looking at are Logitech G533

                           Logitech's G533 Review

First thing you need to know is that these headphones are wireless and those who like to be wired in, just to get the feel of being connected will not like it and honestly if you have not used any wireless tech before it may feel a bit alien but with time when you get used to it there is nothing more like it.

  • How To Set It Up


As far as the set up is concerned it is a standard procedure, you plugin the USB dongle to your PC's USB port, switch on the power on the headphone and you are pretty much done.

The headphone comes packed with basic features but if you want to get hands on advance features like Sound Equalizer or switching different sounds mode you will have to download the Logitech software.

But for the most part, basic functionality will suffice and cover all your needs.

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  • What About Performance
  • Logitech

    When it comes to performance Logitech G533 easily gives the likes of sony a run for its money.The speakers are so good it will give you a feel of listening to a 7.1 surround sound system.This especially comes in handy when you are playing a game on your PC or laptop as the in-game sound quality is enhanced tremendously and gives you your money's worth

    Now let's talk about its mic.The mic has built in filtering and noise cancelling feature which is very apparent when you put it to use, though distance can be issue sometimes while talking which can impact the overall voice hearing and reception, but that is easily adjustable since mic is flexible and all you have to do is to place mic closer to your mouth than usual.

    • The Design


    G533 is very simple when it comes to design, it comes in a matte black plastic headband.Volume button and the power switch are situated on the left ear cup.The mic opens and retracts with ease and it folds inside left earcup with ease making it barely visible and thus enhancing the overall look and feel of the headphones.

    Logitech G533 isn't great with music but at the same time they are not bad either for music and  especially with the feeling of listening to 7.1 surround sound system you won't feel disappointed, rest assured quality is top class when you listen to music.

    The only drawback i feel is since it is wireless it will not give you the feel of being physically connected to your music setup, but for me that is hardly a drawback.

    MY VERDICT - Just Go For it, You will get your money's worth

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