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What is the next best thing to a laptop that you can think of ?? No it's not a smartphone or an iphone.Well let's break the's an ipad.If you have an ipad you will hardly need a laptop.It's like a mini version of laptop but with all it's functionalities.But inspite of all its benefits still many people may prefer to buy a laptop than ipad because unlike smartphone where it is easier to type , an ipad is like a bigger smartphone and that makes it harder to type as compared to a laptop.An ipad and laptop almost costs same but laptops are a tad bit costlier and if you decide to invest in ipad because your pocket does not allow to purchase a laptop then you would also want to invest in a good keyboard for your ipad to give you the best possible experience of converting your ipad into laptop.The Below list caters to ipad and ipad mini and will not work for iPad Pro

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Here are the top 8 choices of keyboards for your ipad



This keyboard is specifically made for ipad mini. For most of the ipad in order to attach a keyboard to it you would have to remove the back protective cover of your ipad but with this there is no need to remove the back cover , the keyboard can be easily attached without removing the back cover.It can tilt 110 degrees which makes it very comfortable to view while typing.The layout of the keyboard is similar to MAC keyboard and this gives a premium feel to anyone using it.The best part of this product is that it has a separate tech support system which consists of qualified individuals who are committed to helping you in case of problem.



If you are one of those who likes to play it rough , then this is the right keyboard for you.If you are planning on going on rough terrain with your ipad mini then there is no better keyboard than's made for the rough.This keyboard is made of rubber and is resistant to dirt and water and this makes it ideal for outdoors.It has an inbuilt screen protector and it can be easily attached as well as detached



Any one who loves leather products will absolutely love the way this keyboard will feel when used by that person.The leather finish gives it a premium feel and an expensive look.It comes with a foldable stand which converts your ipad into laptop easily and the keyboard comes built in with the ipad shortcut keys like changing the volume and locking your ipad screen.The ipad is locked in its place with the help of a latch while using the keyboard and that's why it's safe to use it , you don't have to worry about your ipad getting damaged.This keyboard is for those people who want to have a premium and expensive feel without shelling out much



If you want to make your ipad cum laptop look lean and modern there is no better alternative than logitech keyboard.Logitech has been there for many years and is considered a good brand in the field of PC and laptops and so it does not surprises me that its keyboard for ipad mini is no different than its image conceived by many of us.It comes with an 8mm cover which gives it its sleek look and powerful magnets which holds the ipad in it's place and so this makes it easy to click it in and out.



As the name suggest the keyboard comes loaded with back light on it's keypad thus making it ideal for low light typing and that glow gives it an attractive appeal ,just looking at it once will make you fall in love with the beauty of the keyboard when it's keypad gets lit up.As compared to all the above keyboards this is most heaviest and because it provides a much needed heaviness to ipad , it completely feels as though you are working on a laptop and also because it's heavy it holds the ipad in its place from multiple angles so you don't have to bother about your ipad falling off.This keyboard is specially ideal for people will weak eyesight as the layout is 30% larger than most of the keyboard available in the market today.

          6.   Fintie Blade X1 Keyboard Case

Fintie Blade X1

This ipad keyboard is probably the cheapest on the list, worried about the quality ??? don't be.A whooping 4 star review on amazon , so you don't have to worry about whether it will be worth or not to buy it.This keyboard is light weight and is best suited for those who would want to use it occasionally , dont be fooled by its light weight, it should be able to withstand a drop or two(please do not drop it intentionally to check...hehe....).The keypads are well placed and should not be a problem while typing , having said all this , if you are one those who is planning to use keyboard extensively with your ipad mini or regular ipad my suggestion would be to look at other options in the list , for extensive use this isn't the right keyboard for your ipad.

         7.   Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro

Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro


One of the reason this keyboard is very popular is because it comes in three versions of backlight which makes it ideal for viewing while typing without straining your eyes.Also this brings in a variety which is good , it's not as boring as others in the list.You can use it as a stand as well, as the keyboard can transform into a stand if you want to use your ipad like a laptop.The case is made of rubber,this ensures maximum grip while using it and will not slip.The main highlight of this keyboard is that it can be use in portrait mode or horizontal mode depending upon your requirement.I think that's kind of cool.

          8.   Logitech Type+ 

Logitech Type+

This is the second logitech keyboard in the list and rightfully so, as i have always said in the past "logitech is known for its quality and class".When you purchase any product of logitech brand you know the product you are buying will be top notch, and this keyboard is no different,the keyboard is wider than most of the keyboard available in the market today, so you will not face any difficulty in typing.This keyboard is equipped with wake-sleep feature which means when you open the keyboard the ipad will switch on automatically , now who wouldn't want that.

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