Samsung Flagship Launch For Next Year "Galaxy S8" To Come Equipped With 3D Touch

Samsung 3D touch

If you have been an iphone user for a long time and have used  iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus , i am sure you will agree that the  coolest feature in it was the pressure sensitive touch display or as it is more popularly called 3D Touch.

Press hard on a camera icon and tada !!!! a whole list of things pop out that you can do like click a selfie , take video , change the settings .

All of this without the hussel of actually entering the app.

But now this feature will no more be exclusive to iphones' only.Next year in 2017 Samsung is planning to launch its flagship S series smartphone called Galaxy S8 which will come loaded with 3D touch feature if industry sources are to be believed.

Off lately during the past years Samsung credibility has gone down considerably as a smartphone manufacturer.One of the reason being the growth of emerging players like Xiaomi , Gionee , Huawei , YU(micromax subsidiary).Note7 controversy further added to the misery of Samsung.

But with the launch of galaxy S8 it is looking to redeem itself and establish itself as an authority in the market.Samsung S series product line has been very successful in the market when it comes to competing with other major players and also S series has been a major source of revenue for them(Samsung).

Adding the Functionality of pressure touch display or 3D touch will be helpful in boosting its sales.

So how does 3D touch works.??

The technology that Samsung will be using is developed by a company called Synaptics and the technology is called Clearforce  touchscreen technology.

This tech has the ability to detect soft taps and hard pressure.Based on that input the software detects what to display to its user.

How's that for Smartness huh!!!!

Samsung 3D Touch

If you tap on an icon softly it will take you into the app but if you press on that same icon hard enough it will open a menu through which you can directly select the function you want to execute.

ie:if you want to take selfie with your camera initially you would have to go the camera app and tap on it, that will take you inside the app where you can tap on another icon which will flip your camera to selfie mode , now instead of following such lengthy procedure you can simply press on the camera icon hard and a menu will pop up which shows whether you want to take a photo or selfie or change the settings and you can select take selfie option that will straight away take you to selfie mode on your camera.

If this rumour becomes true Samsung will not be the first android smartphone to use 3D Touch technology.Huawei had earlier launched The Mate S which was equipped with pressure sensitive screen.They had even launched this technology way before apple did but it was apple who made this 3D touch popular in "The Apple Watch"

Though some people are calling it rumour but a report from a reliable source says something else , according to The Investor "Samsung is currently “mulling” the idea of adding pressure-sensitive displays to its next-generation smartphones. They would reportedly come with 3D Touch-like features, like home screen shortcuts."

Samsung Is going through a tough times as of now and its new flagship offering should help them redeem their reputation and establish themselves as the authority like the old times.

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