Smartphones Or laptop ??? well it's the same.


Remember the time when pager was launched. It got us awestruck.For many years it was the ultimate tool in modernization at that era.But as it is said that change is the only thing which is constant , just a few years back cellphones were launched , but that also surpassed human needs and more recently Smartphones were launched.Now what does this show??Our need to change is constant.This evolution from Pager-cellphone-Smartphone shows our needs are changing constantly and our usage demands are also changing.

Microsoft Ubuntu

Today it's practically impossible to imagine our life without smartphones.Without it almost 90% of us would be lost.Those days are way behind us when phones were seen only seen as a medium to connect with someone , today's cellphones or smartphones are much more than just connecting with someone.Almost 80% of our work can be easily done with smartphone.Having said that a smartphone cannot be as powerful as a computer or laptop.Though today's smartphones are capable of accomplishing some task that a computer can the, bridge between the two has always been wider.A laptop or computer has much more powerful processors and operating system than a smartphone and so when it comes to doing complex task majority of us would prefer a laptop or computer to smartphone.

But lets imagine!!! if we can have a device that can double up as a smartphone as well as a laptop.Everything you want syndicated in one device.Now wouldn't it be great to have one device for all your computing as well as smartphone's need.But the sad reality is that it's easier said than done.
This concept is not unheard off , Ubuntu tried to introduce this concept back in 2013 , but it was a disaster , it failed miserably.More recently Microsoft's CONNTINUM allows users to run a basic version of windows  10 on their smartphones powered by windows operating system.But the problem is that in a market dominated by android smartphones no one buy's a windows smartphone.

So does this means this concept will never become a reality??

No don't worry , A startup called andromium has made advances in this technology.In the market dominated by smartphones of mostly android operating system their is hope for everyone to experience this tech as  it is not limited to only Microsoft run operating system smartphones.Android users can now breathe a sign of relief and for people who are constantly hooked to their smartphones this is a welcome update.

So !!!! What exactly is this tech that everyone is talking about ?? It's called "SUPERBOOK".It works on the same principal of ubuntu and  Motorola "ATRIX" but if you compare it to ATRIX , it is much cheaper and affordable.
SUPERBOOK at it's heart is like a laptop.It has a 11.6 inch display with multi touch trackpad and  battery which can run for 8 hours straight.But the biggest advantage of it is that it is cheaper , ATRIX with a full laptop deck can cost upto 500$ which is a lot but andromium starts at only  99$,though google who is a parent company for andromium wanted to price it at 129$, even then it is the cheapest out there.

"Evolution is the only thing which is constant and this is just the begining"

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