Pebble Smartwatch.A product of amazing technology innovation.

Its such a kind world now that watches no more shows you only time , with the advent of smartwatches the whole smartwatch industry has seen a boom and it has revolutionized watches.Among the various smartwatches available today one of the top demanded smartwatch is pebble and with a series of updates to it, it has become a serious player in the smartwatch industry.

one of the notable feature in pebble is its active summary feature.If an individual has enabled pebble health feature he will receive notification about how many steps he has climbed or how may distance he has travelled or even better how many calories he has burned.

The emoji feature has also its upgrades done.If the smartwatch user has been sent an emoji from any device or contact he will receive a large size image thus emphasizing the point the other contact is trying to convey

Now through the update in pebble users can now chose different rules for each day of the week like when to receive hangout notifications or facebook notifcations depending upon their convenience.They can choose when they want to  receive any such notifications.we have absolute control over it.User can easily choose which app may send notifications to users paired to pebble.

Pebble has also done improvements to its send text app based on usesr feedback.Pebble Time app can now be easily downloaded in android and ios platform.

Pebble smartwatch firmware update can be downloaded by clicking or tapping on the "update your pebble" button in the app.All these updates are a part of pebble's marketing strategy to increase its sales and tempt the potential customers to buy its product.An icing on the cake has been the price cuts it has done on pebble health and time series watches.What is a better way than this to celebrate its success by giving their customer a quality product at lower prices because ultimately all the success that they have got is because of their customer.

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. Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices - Black

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