Four Best Alternatives To Google Docs

you know as a blogger for me taking notes about things which are important in the tech world becomes of primary importance.Their are plenty of applications out their that can serve the purpose but I mainly use google docs for creating my articles , but off lately i have come to terms that it is not the best application out there for taking notes.
Here are 4 applications that i feel is much better than google docs.


Through Google keep you can not only jot down notes but also give it a colour coding.It can be easily synced from chrome to keep app in android and ios.You are also able to add labels to your notes.Colour coding along with labels helps in easy sorting of notes.Google keep does support checklist feature but its not of much use because you cannot highlight in it.
Other features include:
Sharing notes via email.
Adding images to notes.
Setting reminders.
Copy notes to Google Docs. (For the curious, a checkbox list on Google Keep becomes a bulleted list in Google Docs.)


Papier i feel is the most suited note taking application for everyone because its very simple.
No account
No mobile sync
No sharing
No list
Just one long note and thats all.
Formatting options are very simple bold , Italics , Underline and strikethrough.
It also comes with a night mode where for white text it sets a black background so that its easier to read and makes it less strainous for the eyes.


Sticky notes is similar to papier.No account , no sync , no list and no sharing is required.It is just one note.The only difference between this any other applications is that it does not open a new tab in chrome instead it installs a button on the side of the url bar.Their are six different sizes to choose from for the note page plus their are also six different background colour to choose from.
It is so minimilist that the only options for formatting are font and font size and that is standard in every note applications.


This is the only application among  the discussed which follows a hierarchy structure. It has a  black canvas where a simple bulleted list can be created but upon closer inspection u know that when you click on those bullets it zooms in and then more intricate details can be added.Like papier and sticky notes , workflowy also is just one large note but unlike papier and sticky notes its structuring options makes it very useful for managing multiple projects. To use the app, you'll need an account. Once you're signed up, you can sync notes with the WorkFlowy Android or iOS app. You can also share notes, add tags, mark items as complete and search by keywords.

Each of these applications are unique in their own way it is upto the individual to decide which suits him or her best.

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