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we all love to have pets at our home mostly dogs and cats.Though it is amazing to have pets since they transform our life and make us lively again , it is also a huge responsibility because they are like a little kid and need constant attention and sometimes can make your life a little messed up.

Here is the list of few pet tech that will make your life a little bit easier with your pet.


It is a very simple fitness monitor tool for your dog which can be easily attached to you dog's collar belt. It keeps track of your beloved dog's activities such as walking , running , playing ,resting etc. It is very simple and easy to use and keeps your dog fit and healthy.It uses bluetooth 4.0 and can keep track of a week worth's data.


We all are connected to our loved ones through social media channel nowadays.It hs bridged he gap between us and our loved ones and we all know its effectiveness.similarly "petcube" is like a social media app for pets.It houses a camera that can turn 162 degrees providing you with the live feed of your pet when it is attached to your pet.The video quality is 720p and can be controlled through an app which is easily downloadable for android and ios platform.A very interesting feature of this tech is it's inbuilt mic through which you can listen and also communicate with your beloved pet , which is pretty awsome.


Imagine a situation you have left your beloved dog or cat at home and gone outside and when you return what do you see!!!!! THE DOOR IS OPEN AND YOUR CAT OR DOG HAS GONE.Now you are running here and there searching for it , all kind of evil thoughts are crowding your mind about what might have happened to your beloved dog or cat."TRACTIVE"is built exactly for these situations , it's a GPS tracking device which gives real time alerts on your smartphone everytime your pet wanders beyond the set limit or boundaries.This is most suitable for large pet.


Nothing gets a pet pumped up more than treat offering. No more you have to bear the guilt of leaving your pet at home alone. Through "Petzi" you can watch your pet live , talk to it through speaker and mic and it has an inbuilt treat spitter where you can shoot out a treat like a biscuit which will make your pet's day, all of this can be done via an app connected to a wifi.


All of the above tech caters to both dogs and cats but FROLICAT BOLT is specifically designed for cats only. Switching it on will shoot a red dot on any surface like a laser and your cat play with it , run after it.Cats like lasers very much.


This is probably a bit impractical tech but might as well be of use in times of extreme situations.Though the camera has padding that makes it comfortable for the pet to wear but the chances are you might not want your pet to wear it as it stands out separately and does not blend in with the body of your pet.If you want to see the dogs view of things and keep a extreme close watch on your pet then this tech is for you.

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