ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE !!! A Mystery Beyond Mysteries

We all are very fascinated by the concept of getting someone else to do our job for us.Someone who will not question us or go against us when ordered to do a particular job.

What i mean is we humans basically want a robot , but lets ask ourselves do we really understand what robot is?? or lets rephrase it " Do We Really Understand What Artificial Intelligence or AI is??.

If you have seen IRON MAN you probably know that JARVIS is an AI program which practically does all the work for the main protaganist  Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr. 

A classic example of AI is TERMINATOR , this showcased an AI called SKYNET in a negative aspect and this is what the researchers and scientists are worried about.

The negative impact of AI on the world.We know practically nothing about AI and because of this sheer lack of information and knowledge it's difficult to predict how it might behave

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk and world renown scientist Stephen Hawking have already warned us against the possibility of takeover of the world by automated machines and replacing humans in every field and so it is of vital importance to discuss about it now and find some solutions rather than regretting about it later.   
The Mystery of AI is such that even great scientists are worried how will it be , what impact it would have on the world , specially jobs

.Lets assume a scenario where more than 90% of the employers in the entire world refuse to employ automated machinery or robots and rely on humans , even then there will be considerable number of labour force still hanging in the balance.

The more i try to understand AI the more complicated and difficult it becomes to comprehend it and the more i try the more i realize that we as a species know very little or practically nothing about AI and as it is always said "The Unknown Is A Very Dangerous Place".

We should not experiment with something we don't fully understand.This is that one area of technology we should not mess with.

Its like a blessing in disguise that we are limited by the technology and research of our times and so something like TERMINATOR is not at all possible for now and for the coming many many years.

For something like TERMINATOR to become a reality lots of technologies need to upgrade to advance level at the same time which is just not possible as of now.Only some fields in AI has seen development like the field of language processing , SIRI & GOOGLE NOW are the results of development in language processing field of AI .

There are still fields where growth is stagnant or it's growing very slow like decision making and logical deduction and with the lack of research the machines of our nightmares is a very very distant dream which might not be easily possible.

Having said that our research hasn't failed yet , possibility of AI ROBOTS  use in cancer treatment is being explored and efforts are being made to create robots to detect tumour in a person based on his scan and MRI readings.Its very easy for ROBOTS to store large quantities of information as compared to humans , which is nearly impossible for us as humans to do.

I don't know if AI of that advanced level is possible or not but i do know that when the time of it will come , it will unite all of the mankind as a one single species devoid of any barriers , because whether good or bad all of us will be prepared for it , for now let's just relax.

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