Google Project Soli.Touchless Made Possible.

Tech giant google has made huge announcements in the google annual developer conference It looked like a dawn of an era because of the magnitude of world changing updates it has showcased recently.
The android N updates , Daydream VR ecosystem , android app support for chrome os but the highlight of the conference was google improvements in its new gesture tracking technology called project soli

Soli is a new Technology which uses a radar to sense the motion of hand to do a particular kind of action u want it to do.It is a sensing technology which has revolutionised touchless interactions.

Recently in the concluded conference google showcased its gesture technology which was installed in LG watch and it completely used hand gestures Like "waving of hand".It was easily able to track the movement of the hand.Users of the smartwatch will have to use gestures from  a distance in order for it to work like making gestures to read messages.So basically the watch will respond as per the distance between your hand and the sensors located on the watch.Though the "hand waving "technology is not unknown Samsung has tried it with its smartphones of the S series where u could receive a call by just waving a hand in close proximity to its screen.Google has taken this concept of touchless tech a notch higher and who knows in coming years most of its products will incorporate this amazing technology.Google is saying that "soli" can track sub millimeter hand motion at high speeds with great accuracy.

Though this technology is still in its initial phase their is a vast scope to upgradation and improvements.The very thought of using just hand gestures to control your watch or smartphone is fascinating. "Rubbing your thumb with index finger to turn the dials in a clock or clicking the thumb and index finger together to start a device" all of it is now possible and google is planning on working towards it diligently.

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