FONTUS , A Bottle That Fills Itself

Wouldn't anyone find it great if they don't have to worry about filling their water bottle everytime they have to go out.I mean that would be great not to worry about filling up waterbottle everytime i go out for workout. There is a solution now there is a bottle that can fill itself and it is known as"FONTUS"THE BOTTLE THAT FILLS ITSELF".
First it was tested on the top tube of the bicycle.The main purpose is to not worry about carrying the bottle or plan your your trip around water sources, this makes it great for outdoors travelling.It works on the principle of airflow from cycling.This air is pulled into the dual chambered solar powered peltier element and the air pulled into this element condenses and drops down in the form of water in the bottle.This design is called the FONTUS RYDE ,to clear out the contaminants it is added with an IP54 filter.

Their is also a version for all the non bikers called FONTUS AIRO.Now that's something which seriously can establish  this product as a serious player in the market.Its working mechanism are a bit different than its big brother FONTUS RYDE , here the solar panel are used to run a fan which pulls the humid air inside the condensation chamber and then condenses it to form water. If you want to remineralise the water it can done through capsule which is easily available.All this is great but its goes without saying that as this product is highly dependent on the outside air for its mechanisms so any place with high air pollution is not suitable for its great for hiking or trekking but not so great for daily travelling or commuting.Also the condensation varies according to the air and humidity present outside and that also varies day to day depending on the conditions outside everyday and it will surely not be consistent,

According one of the leading online website "Digital Trends" FONTUS RYDE can cost around $165 and FONTUS AIRO around $250.The campaign has already drawn over $200,000 in backing, far beyond its $30,000 goal.

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