facebook worried about its use as a news Sharing platform.

facebook now has started worrying that it has become a news sharing platform rather than a personal update shaing platform.It has seen a decline in users sharing personal updates ad it is very worried about it.
The total sharing according to multiple reports have gone down by 5.5% in mid 2015 and by 21% overall.This "context collapse"  as it is being called is a result of large number of users migrating to whatspp or snapchat and messenger which has become a more personal way of sharing messages.

Now in order to increase more intimacy in terms of sharing in has introduced nostalgic feature like "on this day" where it shows a person what he or she did on this day a year back..similarly recently its has introduced live video feature which surely can help pump up the people to share personal updates.Only time will tell how successful this is.

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