why android Smartphones will always be better than an iPhone

It can never be doubted that in today's world  owning an iphone is everyone's dream.Such is the charisma of owning it.But there is a reason why almost 83% of the modern handset run on android and not on ios!!!! so basically even after Apple released its cheapest model iphone SE still it cannot compete with android dominated market.Here are the top 5 reasons why Android  is better than an iphone.

1. It gives good value for money

In the modern world when smartphone subsidies are touching skies , You have to be very careful while taking a hard look at the handset you choose as your smartphone , when you look at iphones' you have mainly two choices an iphone SE which cost around $399 and an iphone 6S which cost around $649.
Now with the launch of apple cheapest iphone you might think it may be useless now to buy a mid range android device.But my fellow readers you are absolutely wrong.If u understand  carefully u will realise that for less than $400 you can buy a much better android device which can anyday give iphone SE a run for its money ie Huawei Honour which comes for less than $200 has a 5.2 inch screen , 1080p display and a decent snapdragon 646cpu. The $99 Moto E has a small, 4.5-inch, low-res screen and only 8GB of storage, but if you're really short on cash, it can serve in a pinch

2.you get more storage for less cash

Iphone 6S is an high end iPhone whose price is very high but that does not stop Apple from cutting short on storage space. It offers the same base space of 16GB as it is offering on iphone SE.This means once you have exhausted the 1.3gb of its ios space u won't be having space to store 12MP pictures , 4k videos and itunes music.Such a waste it is.On the ios platforms some of the most played games can take upto 2GB space each. Of course if you want the 64GB one you will have to shell out an extra $100.Now that is a lot.

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3.Higher resolution screen

What's the tagline for iphone 6 variants "The Only Thing That Changed Was Everything", but Everything has not exactly changed , the screen resolution is still the same.Iphone released it's full hd iPhone 2yrs after full hd android headset was released.Apple has clearly not taken the concept of screen resolution sincerely.
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has a 4K (3840 x 2160) display, and several mainstream Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 offer 2560 x 1440 screens. This makes them better suited for high-resolution video viewing, reading and gaming. Even sub-$300 phones like the Huawei Honor 5X and Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 come with 1080p displays , but iphone se provides only 1136 x 640 pixels
Clearly its an inferior choice.

4.3D camera and VR headset !!!! a feature worth having.

If you are one of those users who wants nothing but the best in everything when it comes to smartphones , the answer lies in an android device to be precise Samsung S7.of course you can always get google cardboard which runs with iphone but the experience that you will have with Samsung VR will be entirely different. It will define awsomeness for you.Not only that you can even measure the depth of your house using project tango which maps a location precisely or impose accurate augmented-reality objects on top of your view. How cool is that.

5.Customization of widgets and skins

Apple thinks it is aware of what is quality you need, no matter what you need or want, so it locks down the UI and gives fewer customizations than Google does. You're constrained to have selected widgets in your notification drawer on an iPhone. But with Android, you could pick  from a variety of widgets that live on your home or lock screen and provide everything from music playback to weather and note taking
Manufacturers which includes Samsung and LG add custom "skins" on top of the core operating system, giving a unique appearance and experience, together with capabilities which Google hasn't implemented yet (e.G., gesture controls and Airview). Better nevertheless, you can install your very own launcher or upload a custom theme, which makes your cellphone appearance and experience completely special — and uniquely yours.

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