Moto x stock camera with express control and simple design!!!The best camera app ever.

The Moto X phone which is launched by Motorola and whose mobility is owned by Google features an excellent camera app that enables to control the camera through screen. Now this app is leaked for other Android handsets. There are numerous leaked apps already to be had for Android handsets, and this app is a modern one which will be liked by customers. This camera app seems a little similar to the camera app from the Google Play version of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. but, the app's UI appears exquisite and is straightforward to use.

The simple design and UI is dependent on the finger gestures which makes this app unique.

1.Tapping on the screen will capture a photo when camera is on.

2.For activating the burst mode to capture multiple pictures, you will have to keep holding the screen.

3.Dragging up and down on the screen will control the zoom in and out of the camera.

4.You will have to swipe fingers from left to right to open camera settings and swipe from right to left to open the Gallery.

5.Twisting your wrist twice while holding the camera in hand launches camera anytime. This a very convenient gesture to open the camera, especially for the smartphones with no  dedicated camera button.

The application works just fine and is fully functional.But a few features may not work on some of the other handsets when installed.Here is the list:

1.Single shots
2.Burst shots
3.Video recording
4.Front-facing camera toggle
5.Swipe to open settings
6.Swipe to open gallery
7 Touch to focus toggle
8.Flash mode toggle
9.Shutter sound toggle
10.Geo-tag toggle

1.Double-twist wrist gesture to launch the camera anytime
2.Panorama mode give forced close error
3.HDR mode cannot be enabled
4.Slow-motion video mode not working

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