LG G5 !!!! The Smartphone that challenges the likes of Samsung and IPhone

When faced with tough competition the only way to put yourself at the top is to perform better.Nowdays wth ever growing smartphone market, competition has also increased and when you are pitched against brands like IPhone and Samsung upping the game is the only option and that's exactly what LG has done.
LG's newest offering LG G5 is competiting with the likes of Samsung galaxy S7 which has already set the high standards in its class ,but don't write off LG just yet.If reports are to be believed LG G5 can give Galaxy S7 a run for its money

Magic Slots

It is the modular port of the smartphone and it's called magic port because that's where the magic lies.On the right side there is a small button which one's pressed hard detaches the lower deck of the phone which has the battery in it , upon detachment the battery gets disconnected and then could be attached to any module we like.The whole module can be removed.It is neat and very well designed.

Camera To Admire For

Now LG products have been one of the best when it comes to camera quality.LG V10 houses one of the best cameras in the business today.G5 has carried forward that legacy.the camera of the G5 is absolutely fantatstic and brilliant with 16MP quality , laser focus and an optical image stabilisation.One of the unique features which it has copied from V10 is the dual lens selfie camera  with two sensors at the back.
The first camera provides a regular view of the world, while the second gives an expanded 135-degree wide-angle view, providing ample opportunity for creativity. They’re used independently of each other.

App Tray ditched

G5 has ditched the traditional app tray and for better.Dont worry about losing your apps , Your apps are still there but now they are spread accross multiple home screens also because of this the look and feel of the android 6.0.1 marshmallow is more like an IOS platform ,. whether good or bad it's still debatable

Smart Appearance

Now at first it will be hard to fall in love with the design of the phone.ofcourse it cannot match the beauty of an IPhone or the elegance of Samsung Galaxy S7 but upon a closer inspection you will find out how smart the overall design is.Curves on unexpected places , smooth metal , No nasty edges which makes it easer to hold and above all no anteena bands.Attentition to small details.Now that's an IPhone quality stuff.

In the end we all can agree that the amount of work, thought, effort, and commitment that has gone into creating the G5 is astonishing. While other brands are accused of coasting along with endless rehashes of previously successful handsets, LG has come out with something that drives the smartphone game full speed ahead. It’s brave, exciting, and full of glorious potential.

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