Iphone owners beware!!! Here is the actual cost of making an iphone and it will make you feel cheated


All of us at some point in life have dreamt of owning an iphone.Some of us even take loans to buy it on EMI's because at the end of the day it is like a status symbol if you own an iphone.Such is the craze of this gadget.
But!!!!!! have you ever wondered whether the hefty price that you are paying for an iphone, is it worth it????.Does it actually costs that much???.The facts i am about to disclose will make all iphone owners feel cheated.Yes!!! Thats right because the actual cost of making an iPhone is not even one-third of the actual price.

The cheapest model of iPhone 6 plus is priced at Rs 51000 , but the actual cost of making it is only Rs 17000.This means that we are paying 300% extra for it , which indirectly means that Apple is making a whopping 300% profit on every iphone it's selling.

The materials for making an 16GB iphone 6 plus cost around Rs 15800 but if you add manufacturing cost it comes to around  Rs 17000.

Now where Apple makes most of the profits is in its iphone's storage.!!!!

There's a reason why Apple does not offer expandable memory. And this is where they actually make the most of their device - the cost of adding 1 gigabyte of memory on the phone is as low as Rs 25!.
The cost of 16GB memory in an iPhone 6 Plus is Rs 400 while the cost of 64 gigs of memory is Rs 1600. So ideally, the difference between a 16 GB iPhone 6 Plus and a 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus isn't more than Rs 1200 but users end up shelling out around Rs 7000 more for the 64 GB model.
We all know that Apple has a significant Brand value , But 300% !! Too much to handle.

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