This strap will let you pay the bills through your smartwatch

Every Pebble Time smartwatch has a hidden feature -- you can get more functionality by connecting it to a "smart strap." Just imagine extending the battery life of your Pebble with a battery-packed watch strap or using an NFC (near-field communication) chip to pay for groceries with a wave of your wrist.

If a company called Fit Pay has its way, you won't need to imagine for long -- this month, it's raising funds on Kickstarter to make that wave-to-pay scenario a reality. It's called the Pagaré, and it aims be one of the very first smart straps for the Pebble smartwatch.
For an estimated retail price of $89, the Pagaré sounds like a pretty excellent idea. You simply snap it onto the back of any Pebble Time , Pebble Time Steel or Pebble Time Round smartwatch, load up your credit cards and then wave your wrist in front of any contactless credit card reader.

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