Chrome hacks that makes your life easy and less complicated

Chrome's simplicity and easy-to-use interface has made it the browser of choice on many computers. But simple doesn't mean limited. On the contrary, Chrome is a robust platform with numerous plugins and extensions that make the browser powerful and extensible.
Here are some unique extensions, tweaks and shortcuts to help you optimize your Chrome experience, whether you're using it as a browser on a Mac or Windows machine, or as an operating system on a Chromebook. money shopping online

If you're ordering office supplies and don't want to spend time hunting around for coupon codes or deals, let Honey do all the work for you. The free Chrome extension will automatically scour the web for discount codes when you visit your favorite online retailer, making shopping fun and cost effective.


When you're browsing online and you stumble across some great content that you want to reference later, don't create a bookmark or copy the web address. Use Pocket. The Chrome extension serves a similar purpose to a bookmark, allowing you to save an article or webpage to get back to later.
The best part about Pocket is that you can access your saved URLs from any virtually any device. Pocket has free iOS and Android apps, so you can read what you've clipped from your desktop on your phone or tablet whenever you have some downtime. the postman

Sometimes, when you're waiting for that important email to arrive, it could feel like waiting for the postman to come knocking with your package. Instead of absentmindedly refreshing your inbox, download Google's Mail Checker extension, which will let you know when a new email has arrived in your Gmail.
4.calculations without calculator
Both Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan come with built-in calculators, but why open yet another app to clutter your digital desktop. Instead, just type a simple equation into the browser bar and Chrome will return the answer.

5.mute it

Chrome will display a small speaker icon on a tab with audio playing. If your employee walks into your office, or you get a call on your phone, rather than mute your entire computer or opening the tab to pause the audio, you can right-click on the tab and select "Mute tab" from the menu. This will silence any audio coming from that tab, but if you get a system notification, those will play.

6.look it up without looking it up

Ever read an article and don't know what a word means? You can always highlight the word, right-click it and ask Google to define it. Alternatively, you can also copy the word, paste it into your browser and have Google retrieve the definition.
Now, there's a third option with Google Dictionary. The free extension saves you a step in looking up word definitions. Now, merely highlighting a word will return the definition in a clever popup. There is even a speaker icon next to the word that will sound the pronunciation when clicked.

7.Getting back remotely to your desktop

hrome Remote Desktop is a simple tool that lets you access your computer and its content remotely. If you forgot to bring home a digital file from work, and your work PC is still on and connected to the internet, you can use Chrome Remote Desktop to securely log into your work computer from home. Best of all, Google has a Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS and Android that will let you access your Macs, PCs and Chromebooks from your smartphone. up a momentum

Chrome's homepage is rather boring and uninspiring, and there's a quick way to spruce it up without having to change the homepage to something else and lose Google search. Momentum, a free plugin, displays a nice background wallpaper that gets changed daily, the time, weather and a dashboard with your daily objectives and to-do items. The concept is not unlike Microsoft's Bing homepage.

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